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In this exciting episode…

Ok so today we are looking at the Think Tank which gives Trump his marching orders. This is the Think Tank that drives the ideology behind the actions that we are seeing today and, rather depressingly and obviously, they do not have our best interests at heart.

From the last exciting episode…
So far this blog series has exposed the use of a mind control programme called Cambridge Analytica – developed by SCL- that is used to direct the results of elections across the globe by stealing social media data and utilising it to create personalised advertising campaigns to make you angry. This program is considered a weapon of the British Government and is under export control. The board of this company has direct connections to the establishment, the elites of the UK and the USA and the intelligence agencies. The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad also has its own version named Black Cube which was used to help elect Viktor Orban with the help of Benjamin Nethanyahu's personal lawyers Finkelstein and Birnbaum (who had previously helped Bibi get elected in Israel with a campaign of lies and false accusations). They have been used to alter the results of elections and promote so called popularist candidates in Africa, Europe, India and South America, they were also used for the Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign (this means that elements of the elites favoured both Trump and Brexit). They are financed by The Mercer family, Steve Bannon, The Regnery's, The Shilmans, The Rosenwalds, the Koch brothers, The Wilks brothers and the Devos family.
One question that needs to be asked is, if this is about nationalism, why do they not promote national pastimes but rather simply stoke a crude fear of outsiders? Why if these are all individual, national movements, are they all sponsored by the same people? Why do they use the same media outlets and why do they all promote the same false message – terrified jingoism that ultimately benefits the rich?
To spread favourable propaganda they bought up and promoted a series of allegedly alternative media personalities and platforms, which on the surface appear anti- establishment but are in fact financed by these very same elites. These include Breitbart, The Daily Caller, WND, Turning Point USA, Rebel Media, Red Ice Radio, Project Veritas, The Rubin Report, The Washington Free Beacon, PragerU, Gatestone Media, Stephen Crowder, Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopopolous, Charlie Kirk, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'souza, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson, James O Keefe, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and Richard Spencer. Politicians such as Bolsanaro, Salvini, Le Pen, Orban, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage are all recipients of favourable press from these sources. The main tactic is to stoke fear with lies about immigration via social media, with the use of fake accounts to create an echo-chamber effect. The tactic appears to be to frame these politicians and media outlets and personalities as anti establishment, when the evidence proves that this simply cannot be true.
The main financiers of these mind control and propaganda programmes all appear to be connected via the American think-tank The Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation supplied the majority of policies for Reagan, Bush, Clinton and even Obama and now supplies the policies for Trump. Recent tax cuts and roll backs of workers and environmental rights by Trump were at the suggestion of the Heritage Foundation. Trump currently has over sixty members of the Foundation in his administration; they also handpicked recent Supreme Court Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. The Heritage Foundation was the driving force behind the Thatcher years of privatisation (for the benefit of big business) and is heavily connected to the oil and petrochemical industry. The IEA, which are desperately trying to privatise the NHS and has David Davis, Boris Johnson, Daniel Hannan, Liam Fox and Michael Gove under its wing, is associated with the Heritage Foundation. Turning Point UK, which is connected to Jacob Rees Mogg and wants to privatise the NHS and arrange for the UK to reduce its food standards to that of the FDA is also connected to the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation pushed for the invasion of Iraq, the destabilisation of South America and the manipulation of oil prices globally usually via wars.
The Heritage Foundation receives a huge amount of financial and spiritual support from the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon (The Moonies). Investigation has shown that this Korean religious cult was in fact set up by the CIA and therefore, via the conduit of a weird religious order, the CIA help to finance the Heritage Foundation.
Why is the mainstream media not covering this? Why are the alternative media not covering this?
Whilst the Heritage Foundation think tank seems to manoeuvre policy in a practical sense, the ideology of the group seems to be based on the desires of an even more secretive cabal known as the CNP.

​The Council for National Policy or CNP was founded in 1981 at the direction of the Heritage Foundation's Coors family. You may remember from the previous blog post that The Heritage Foundation was involved with the John Birch Society, which may go some way to explaining the cast of characters behind the formation of the CNP.

Plenty of batshit, right up front.

​The first founding member of the CNP was Tim LaHaye, who was at the time the head of the Heritage Foundation founded political party of evangelical preacher Jerry Falwell, the Moral Majority. Tim Lahaye is more widely known for being the author of the Left Behind series of books foretelling the woes of those left on earth following the inevitable rapture. Essentially these books are a novelisation of the rapture, tribulation (the period before Jesus returns to earth to battle Satan) and subsequent Armageddon. It was also made into a film starring Nicholas Cage, which is not something to be proud of per se, but it is an interesting anecdote.

​Other founding members included Paul Weyrich, friend of the Coors brothers (and of Nazi collaborator Lazlo Pastor) who helped found the Heritage Foundation and ALEC. William Cies, a wealthy member of the John Birch Society also helped start the organisation alongside fellow John Birch member and Oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt. Another founding member was former politician and evangelical Christian Howard Phillips. Phillips had also helped Jerry Falwell start his right wing conservative political movement The Moral Majority. The final founding member was the multi millionaire oil heir T. Cullen Davis, a Texan who had been tried, but was acquitted, for the murder of his step daughter. He was later accused of attempting to hire an assassin to murder his ex-wife. Tim LaHaye expressed his wishes for the CNP to act as "a forum for conservative Christians seeking to strengthen the political right in the United States."

The John Birch Society

​Just to remind you, the John Birch Society is the ultra conservative, Christian organisation that had a tendency to seeing communist takeovers wherever they looked. The John Birch Society even went so far as to smear President Dwight Eisenhower as a, "conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist conspiracy.". The Society also rails against wealth redistribution, economic interventionism and any type of socialism. The JBS also strongly opposed the civil rights movement (saying it was a communist plot but really because they hate everyone who isn't rich, white and Christian) and are vehemently against immigration (saying it was a communist plot but really because they hate everyone who isn't rich, white and Christian). Dear god good reader, I do hope this is sounding alarmingly familiar to you and setting off all types of warnings in your head.
Recently, as being terrified of communism and misrepresenting socialism (suggesting that such schemes as nationalised healthcare and free school dinners are the first step on a slippery slope to an inevitable holodomor), comes back into vogue, the JBS has begun to openly talk about this in its publications. They even included suggestions of making George Soros the chief target of their hatred in their publications. This is particularly interesting when you know that the majority of recent Soros directed ire has been a product of the Israeli lawyers Finkelstein and Birnbaum, who were the architects of Benjamin Nethan yahu's rise to prominence. They admitted to creating the image of him as a monster in order to have an enemy for their client to rail against. Black Cube the Mossad financed weapon that spreads false information also used Soros as their target for blame for all the woes of the western world during their campaign to get right wing lunatic Viktor Orban elected in Hungary. I am not saying that Soros is whiter than white or even a good guy. As discussed in previous blog posts I think he is a CIA asset that helped with the overthrow of the former Yugoslavia. However, if you believe that he is responsible for the current refuge crisis or that he has plans to make Europe communist or that he finances half the groups that you think are bad for some reason then I am terribly sorry but you have fallen for Mossad and British Intelligence propaganda. Please see the previous blogs for proof of this, but one example is the listed 200 Soros companies that Orban kicked out of Hungary as they were undermining the country. Firstly none of the companies had anything to do with Soros, Orban merely used his name to smear them and secondly, the companies that were expelled were organisations such as Amnesty International and international investigative bodies that probe corruption and human rights abuses. Orban simply wanted them out of the country to better conceal his long list of corruption and human rights abuses.
It doesn't take a genius to see that the remnants of the John Birch Society are probably behind this recent trend for hysterical terror about a growing communist threat, especially if you have read this blog and are aware of the other forms of propaganda that are driving this movement. It is literally what they are all about and with the connection to these various Think Tanks that have influence in politics and power, they have a chance to peddle their own particular brand of total and complete bollocks. The John Birch Society was at a time convinced that the Catholic church was the true power behind the Illuminati or New World Order, at other times they swear it is a Jewish or a communist plot or satanic or all of them if they are feeling particularly chatty. This is particularly ironic when you realise that they are founded and sponsored by some of the biggest powerbrokers in the world and have direct connections to other foundations that literally direct world events via economic means, disruption of societies both foreign and domestic, controlling politicians and policy and starting wars. This is not hyperbole, please, please read my previous blogs.
The John Birch Society is also well known for its complete lack of tolerance to LGBT people and issues and of course a rabid hatred for abortion. The JBS was also behind the publication of the Book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, the theory by Gay Allen suggesting that a world communist organisation was waiting in the wings to spring into action and seize power over the zombified masses. This was the book that reportedly started Alex Jones on his career with Alex Jones has been rumoured to be a member or ex member of the John Birch Society. The Koch brother's father, Fred Koch was a founding member of the John Birch Society, it is known that Charles Koch was a member too. Tim LaHaye was also an avowed member of the JBS.

Trump and the John Birch Society
Current President, Donald Trump has been linked to the organisation many times. This is presumably at times when he is not clumsily banging porn stars behind his pregnant wife's back.
Politico magazine reported that Trumps lawyer and mentor, Roy Cohn was "deeply involved with the Society and its leaders." Trump confidante and long time advisor Roger Stone said that Trump's father Fred Trump was a financier of the Society and a personal friend of founder Robert Welch. Trumps current Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spoke at the John Birch Society's National Council dinner shortly before being appointed to the Trump administration. Rand Paul, who acts in a foreign policy advisor to Trump, is also connected to the Society. His father Ron Paul has been a member for years and had the dubious honour of presenting the keynote speech at the Society's fiftieth anniversary. Alex Jones, who famously (somehow) secured appearances from Trump on his Infowars show, called Trump a "John Birch Society president" and previously claimed Trump was "more John Birch Society than the John Birch Society." Jeet Heer of The New Republic, put it succinctly, saying; "Trumpism is really Bircherism."

​So we can see the Heritage Foundation and the John Birch Society have their strings attached to Trump. It gets worse (but come on you know me and you were expecting that weren't you.)

Cambridge Analytica, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks ...
The Guys Behind The Guys Behind The Guys

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