Cambridge Analytica Connections

The Kochs

Have a Koch and a smile. So who are the Koch brothers and what in the wide, wide world of sports do they have to do with this Cambridge Analytica stuff you have been harping on about? Well dear reader, I shall explain. Firstly, despite the fact that it would be a pretty fitting name Koch is not actually pronounced like cock. Sadly life is not a hilarious mash-up of Viz magazine and Charles Dickens. Villains are rarely called Mr Bastard. Rather their name is pronounced coke, like the sweet, delicious, sugary, zesty, life affirming product popular in America and the rest of the world. There is also a drink that shares the same name and is also made in South America but is hugely profitable for the USA. I could have used that for the analogy but I have principles and couldn’t bring myself to be seen to be advocating or unfairly glamorising something that could be harmful to children. I’m just classy like that. Koch Industries is a Kansas-based privately held corporation led by brothers Charles and David Koch, heirs to the Fred Koch oil fortune.Fred Koch liked money, a lot. He liked a lot of money and he liked having a lot of money a lot. The following story taken from Vanity Fair describes an incident which highlights this: “One associate recalls strolling down East 80th Street with Frederick on a sweltering summer afternoon in the mid-1990s. Crossing Fifth Avenue, Frederick noticed a nickel in the middle of...
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