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Influence on the Trump Administration
We have already seen that the Trump administration is enforcing anything that the Heritage Foundation wants. Thus far this has included tax cuts for the rich, appointing Heritage Foundation picks as Supreme Court Judges, filling his administration with Heritage Foundation members, the rolling back of workers' rights and rolling back of environmental protections. In the works are wars with Venezuela and Iran in order to allow the US to have a larger say in world oil prices. This has also been helped by the use of propaganda techniques such as those of Cambridge Analytica which is used to promote nationalist leaders who claim to be representatives of the people but in reality simply serve the wishes of big business.
But come on? You say. Those tax cuts were to benefit everyone through the tried and tested system of trickle-down economics! Rich people will surely give some back when they have enough? If you believe that I have some attractive beach front property in Leicester to sell you. One example: AT&T executives promised that the corporate tax cut would allow them to create more jobs. Instead, they've laid off 23,000.

​he CNP is aggressively anti- LGBT and over one hundred and fifty members signed a petition urging Trump to introduce an anti LGBT executive order. Several months later the Trump administration argued that federal law does not protect gay employees. Trump has put forward new regulations to protect religious beliefs that essentially pave the path for refusal to medically treat someone based solely on their sexuality. There have been recent cases where people felt that they were fired from a job due to their sexuality, the Trump administration has argued that sexuality is not protected under civil rights laws and supported these firings. The Trump administration has made several attempts to ban transgender people from active involvement in the military. Trump also took the rather childish stand of ignoring Pride month and chose to, instead, speak at an anti-LGBT group.
As reported by LGBT Nation in June 2017:
"Tomorrow, Trump will headline the "Road to Majority" conference, an evangelical extremist gathering hosted by the homophobic Faith and Freedom Coalition. This is in addition to his refusal to issue a proclamation acknowledging June as Pride month.
Other speakers at the conference will include Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, evangelical author James Dobson, homophobes Pat Boone and Michael Medved, and 15 others.
It should come as no surprise that all 21 of the speakers are white. Not a single person of color will be speaking at the event.
Trump is scheduled to speak just three days before the LGBTQ Equality March in Washington D.C., which many are interpreting as an not-so-subtle nod toward his commitment to subverting LGBTQ rights.
"President Trump's negligence at the start of Pride month provided another example that this administration is no friend to the community," says Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. "While the Trump Administration tries to systematically erase LGBTQ people and families from the fabric of this nation, LGBTQ Americans and allies must do what we know best this Pride month—stay visible and march for acceptance."

​The CNP also suggested to Trump that public schools should not receive as much funding and that instead Christian schools should be the recipients of the cash. Dutifully Trump's proposed budget for 2017 slashed the Department of Education by $9.2 billion & increased money for Christian schools.

​The CNP is anti Islam and anti immigration, the policies of the Trump administration represent their insane paranoid worldview.
The CNP is a far right pro white conservative Christian organisation. Trumps shameful refusal to properly admonish white power groups and racists and his tip toeing around the "fine people on both sides" is indicative of his desire to appease the CNP.
The CNP is also anti abortion. Via the Heritage Foundation Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were appointed to the Supreme Court, they are both anti-abortion. Recently Alabama made it illegal for a woman to get an abortion even in the case of rape, incest or if the abortion was the only way to save the pregnant ladies life. This is beyond barbaric.
Why is the mainstream media not covering this? Why are the alternative media not covering this?

​The CNP groomed Trump before he was allowed to be President
Trump was originally not considered a valid candidate by the CNP. The organisation had to be convinced by the Mercer family as to the malleability of Trump who himself had to audition and allow himself to be moulded into a figure that they could put their clandestine support behind.
Initially the CNP favoured a candidate like Marc Rubio or their front runner Ted Cruz. They had even started a Cambridge Analytica campaign to promote Cruz and had a series of dynamite talking points for him to deliver on the campaign trail including talk of a deep state, a wall at the border and a desire to lock up Hillary Clinton that had been prepared as early as 2014.

​It was only after the Clinton campaign started to promote Trump (believing they could beat him) that the Mercers seized on this free publicity and presented their perma-tanned protégé to the CNP.
CNN reported:
"Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council currently heads the executive committee of the CNP, and told CNN in an interview that Trump's takeover of the Republican Party is posing searching questions for the conservative grass-roots.
He said it is incumbent upon Trump to reach out with tangible steps to quell anxiety in the movement if he is to ensure a strong GOP turnout in November.
"Many conservatives want to be able to be for Donald Trump because they fear the alternative, but they have not yet seen in him what they need to see to make the transition," Perkins said. "There is not a lot that has transpired since Ted Cruz left the race and Donald Trump has been on the path to being the nominee -- he has not done anything that would make people change their minds."
It was made abundantly clear that Trump was not an ideal candidate and that he had to be prepared and trained in order for the CNP to back him.
The article continues:
"Another prominent member of the CNP is former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who said he is "slow walking" his embrace of the Trump candidacy. In some ways, Blackwell said, promoting Trump would for conservatives be akin to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory if he does not accept their principles, after generations of trying to put conservative thought at the heart of U.S. government.
"I would say everybody wants to unify and everybody is mindful of the fact and respectful of the fact that Trump has weathered the storm of a primary," Blackwell said. "But the vast majority of us are not ready to jettison our platform or the philosophy that has gotten us to this majority party status, the only other rung is the presidency."
Early on the CNP was making comparisons to the character of Ronald Reagan, another idiotic stooge that for some reason appealed to people when he was on TV, despite being indisputably guilty of high treason and responsible for importing thousands of tons of drugs (specifically into black neighbourhoods to cause problems), the crack epidemic, Reagonomics, the privatisation of UK industry and genocide as a foreign policy standard. Reagan was a terrible person that acted as a front man for even more terrible people that enacted policies that were extremely detrimental to all but a select few of society. Reagan is the sort of person that makes me wish I believed in eternal damnation and torture. Anyway, I digress. Back to that self serving bag of week old mayonnaise dusted with a hookers pubic hair, the President of the United States Of America, Donald Trump.
"Schlafly, a pioneering conservative activist and founding member of the CNP, said that Trump is not the first Republican candidate to face questions about his personal authenticity as a conservative.
"I can remember 1980 when a lot of us didn't think Reagan was an authentic conservative. Reagan turned out to be best president of the century," she said. She backed Trump partly because he was the only candidate talking about illegal immigration, which she said was "the most important issue in the country."
The CNP were fully aware that this image was garbage, they just chose to go along with it if Trump did their bidding, completely willing to disregard his dishonesty, corruption, lies, weirdness about his daughter, failed businesses, multiple divorces, connections to the mafia, connections to Jeffrey Epstein, sexual indirections with porn stars, friendship with the Clintons, previous business relationship with George Soros, stated pro-life stance and ridiculous haircut. Recently Trump has been talking about his bible more and more, this is obvious nonsense, a paper thin veneer to disguise the sort of terrible self serving person that Trump is. Rather predictably, some of the CNP members tried to play it off in public that Trump was anything other than a convenient front.
"Father Frank Pavone, a Roman Catholic priest who directs the Priests for Life organization, is backing Trump because he believes in the sincerity of his anti-abortion rights credentials -- despite doubts among other conservatives on his conversion from a previously pro-abortion rights position.
"No matter what uncertainties there might be about him, there are no uncertainties about where Clinton will go or anyone on the Democratic side on this issue in particular," Pavone said.
"A lot of people will come out with the statement that she is as bad as he is, but he is not on this issue particularly," said Pavone, who believes that Trump's change of attitude on abortion is "real and sincere."
For those that don't know Frank Pavone is a fanatically anti-abortion priest who once filmed himself placing an aborted foetus on an altar while imploring followers to vote for Trump.
Other members were not as convinced and felt that Trump was the wrong candidate.
"Kim Bengard, a businesswoman and social conservative activist from California, does not believe that Trump's conversion on abortion is genuine. After swallowing her reservations to side with previous moderate Republican nominees like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, Bengard has hit the end of the line with Trump.
"I can't do it," Bengard said, adding that she believes the billionaire's anti-abortion rights position is simply one of convenience.
"I don't believe he is a Republican. He is certainly not a conservative," said Bengard."
Regardless of the concerns of Bengard, Trump was chosen and thus far he has stuck to their instructions perfectly.
Why is the mainstream media not covering this? Why are the alternative media not covering this?


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