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Cambridge Analytica in South America and India

Blogging a dead horse “For crying out loud man, are you still banging on about that bloody Cambridge Analytica thing? Who the hell cares?” Hi readers, yes, yes I am. Oh, by the way it’s me I am the one who cares about it. The main reason is that I keep seeing the same patterns emerging again and again. Essentially peoples data is taken and examined in order to cater specific advertising campaigns at individuals designed to get them angry at an issue (often not real or exaggerated to wicked degrees). Using alternative media sources they also spread these lies in order to influence beliefs, behaviours and voting patterns. This is by very definition a mind control program and by the looks of it a surprisingly successful one firstly because it is so catered towards individual psychology and secondly because people are reluctant to believe they are being manipulated. Now here’s the kicker that really gets my bloody goat, it is disguised as an organic popularist or nationalist uprising of the disenfranchised working classes when in fact it is manipulated by the elites and industrialists for their own benefit. These elites include the Mercers, The Rosenwalds, The Kochs, The Regnerys, The Shilmans, the Wilks and the Devos family among others. By sheer coincidence they finance not only Cambridge Analytica and the media outlets used to promote such anger making stories but also benefit from the political actions taken after each manipulated vote or propaganda campaign. They have tapped into the...
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