Cambridge Analytica, JTRIG and other internet manipulation campaigns:

Nov 1

Ok here is post number four. I am very aware that these are pretty long but the subject is complicated and needs to be backed up with evidence. Also I have a touch of the theatrics about me and therefore, like in a film or play, the main revelations and things that tie it all together are near the end (sorry).This is also true of my Richplanet shows – if you only watched part one you missed all the good stuff (sorry again).
Also this is kind of the point. It is through...

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Cambridge Analytica Part Three

Sep 17

Cambridge Analytica, Hungary and Israel

Hello again,

Wouldn’t it be weird if the same people who engineered the Brexit vote and got Trump elected also happened to be behind the election of far right leaders across Europe like Hungary’s Viktor Orban? Wouldn’t it also be strange if Israel was creating far right militia’s in Europe and helping get far right parties elected into power? Wouldn’t it also be strange if this was facilitated by an American media company...

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Cambridge Analytica Part Two

Aug 22

SCL (The parent company of Cambridge Analytica) carries a secret clearance as a ‘list X’ contractor for the MOD. A List X site is a commercial site on British soil that is approved to hold UK government information marked as ‘confidential’ and above. Essentially, SCL got the green light to hold British government secrets on its premises.

Former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser also told the committee she had seen documents in which Nigel Oakes, the...

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Cambridge Analytica and the creation of right wing media

Jul 14

Hello everyone.

So, I have decided to start writing a blog and here is the first one. A blog gives a chance to put down far more detail than can be contained in a Facebook post and also allows for people to share it easily to people who may shun social media. Please have a look, share and feel free to contact me with suggestions for future topics.
The first blog is about Cambridge Analytica and the attempted campaign to flood alternative media with right wing viewpoints and far...

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